All About Me Collage

Hi, my name is Angela Giovanni and this is my collage! I started off with a sunset cloud background just because I enjoy watching sunsets and capturing photos of them, I like how the sky looks when the clouds change color also. My favorite theme park is Disneyland as you can see in the collage, I went to Disney my whole life as a kid and it never gets old for me. The plane I added was to say that I love to travel, most places I’ve been to already is Hawaii, Arizona, a lot of different areas in Mexico, and pretty soon ill be going to Virginia! The yellow softball represents my favorite sport, I’ve been playing since I was four, right now I’m in a travel ball team and  I play for JHHS softball also. I take this sport very serious and it means a lot to me and I’m thinking of playing in college. Right next to the softball is Hello Kitty, when i was little, I was extremely obsessed with Hello Kitty. I have literally everything of Hello Kitty, from the things they sold back then when my older sister was in elementary and I feel like it represents me a lot. The Canes logo on top of the softball is one of my favorite places to go eat. A lot of people consider it overrated but its probably the only restaurant I’d get chicken tenders from. I am Mexican so I added the flag to represent me and I enjoy being Hispanic. There is music notes behind the plane and I put that in there because I love music, anywhere I go, I need music. Music makes me happy and it helps me get through the day, especially with my music taste. I listen to everything but if it wasn’t for my older sister, I would not be knowing any of the bands that I love today, she taught me how to listen to different music since everyone else was listening to the same thing. I like listening to Indie, Rock, R&B and Hip-Hop mostly just Indie and Rock. In the right corner I put one of my favorite bands which is “The Cure” I was always surrounded by my family playing music like “The Cure” and I enjoy it so much. I placed another one of my favorite bands in the middle of the whole collage, that’s one of “Arctic Monkeys” albums. My older sister played a lot of their music back when she was in high school and I continued to listen because I liked bands like them. Under the “Arctic Monkeys” album I placed a Zodiac symbol, I’m an Aquarius and my birthdays on February 6. Most people don’t believe in zodiac signs but I think its really accurate for me knowing how an Aquarius is. Last but not least the cat in the sky, when I was nine my older sister brought home a cat for my cousins ninth birthday and we loved him and took care of him very well. Unfortunately he’s not here with us anymore, I didn’t get to say bye because I was not in town at the moment and as soon as I got back I was received the news. His name was boots and he was with us for six years so this was really important to me putting him in the sky for my collage. I hope you enjoyed looking at my collage, I got to learn how to use some tools and I enjoyed this assignment!